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Broadcast radio

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Every single day, Cibicom makes sure that Danish households can listen to the radio – around the clock. We are the most experienced operator in the field of radio broadcasting in Denmark.

Cibicom broadcasts both FM and digital radio on DAB+ to Danish listeners all over the country via our own transmission network.

Our customers are DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and a large number of commercial and local radio stations for whom we undertake both installation, operation and service on the nationwide broadcasting network.

Contact us on +45 70 11 80 11 or at and find out more about our modern radio broadcast solutions

Buy a channel on DAB+

Get your own radio channel on the digital broadcast network DAB+ – locally or nationwide.

About DAB+

DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is the new digital radio standard that offers listeners outstanding sound quality and exciting new possibilities.

About FM

FM is still the Danes’ preferred radio platform. Everyone, regardless of where they are in the country, can listen to FM – at home, in the car and on the move