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The DAB+ broadcast network currently covers about 90% of the Danish population. This gives Danes who enjoy the radio more to choose from.

You can get your very own DAB+ channel and achieve exclusivity as one of only a few actors to utilise the possibilities of the 18 digital radio channels available on our network.

Start your radio adventure with an experienced partner
As a partner, Cibicom covers your technology solution all the way – from when the sound leaves the mixer until it is transmitted to listeners via our digital radio transmitters. This means that you as a radio station can concentrate on developing your core business, namely producing the content and building relationships with your listeners and potential advertisers.

A nationwide radio channel in Denmark gives you a personal, direct mouthpiece to current and future customers. Having your own radio channel also gives you an effective way of reinforcing the community that exists around your product and your activities.

Danes love listening to the radio
Danes spend an average of one hour 56 minutes every day listening to the radio – and an increasing proportion are using DAB+ radios.
Having your own nationwide radio channel used to be preserved to DR and the major commercial radio stations, which had six channels.

A political decision in 2017 introduced a new digital radio transmission network (DAB+), making room in the future for no fewer than 18 nationwide commercial radio channels – channels that can be listened to on any standard digital radio receiver, all over the country.

Seven good reasons why your business should have its own radio channel

  • Because your radio channel will be a personal, direct mouthpiece to your current and future customers.
  • Because a radio channel creates visibility, recognition and community.
  • Because your radio channel will be available to listeners around the clock, every day of the week.
  • Because a DAB+ radio channel gives you exclusivity as one of only a few actors. There are 18 nationwide digital radio channels in total, as opposed to web radio channels where you would be one actor among the other 20,000 web radio channels.
  • Because radio is listened to and used – more and more.
  • Because listeners want to keep in contact with your radio channel whether they are in the kitchen, in the living room, in the car, at the workplace or somewhere totally different.
  • Because you can express far more nuances than in a normal radio advertisement where repetitiveness often can become irritating.

Digital Radio Cibicom A/S has been given a mandate by the Danish State to operate the digital radio transmission network in Denmark for 18 commercial radio stations.

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