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CSR-policies for companies in the Cibicom Group

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Community, Responsibility and Simplicity


Together, we take responsibility for making it simple. In Cibicom, that is our focus. This community and responsibility imply to us not only a responsibility to our internal community, but to the community we are all a part of. Therefore, we, as a responsible company, commit ourselves and our suppliers to live up to standards that are just and sustainable. Our Code of Conduct is as our CSR-policy based on general principles, which are a part of

  • The UN Global Compact

  • The UN guiding principles on Business and Human Rights
  • OECD’s guidelines for multinational enterprises

Our CSR-policy applies to us internally and externally. We have a responsibility to our employees and we have a responsibility to our society.

The principles

Cibicom and our suppliers support the 10 principles regarding human and labor rights, initiatives for environmental friendliness and opposition to all kinds of corruption and bribery.

  • Respect for and no violations of the Human Rights (Principle 1-2)
  • Support freedom of association and collective bargaining and opposition to all kinds of forced and child labor and discrimination (Principle 3-6)
  • Focus on environmental challenges, environmentally accountability and development and spread of environmentally friendly technology (Principle 7-9)
  • Opposition to corruption, extortion, and bribery (Principle 10)

These 10 principles we call our CSR-principles, but it is our ambitions and collective effort that constitute our CSR-policy.

Our CSR-principles are felt throughout the organization, but our CSR-policy is more than principles, they are actions.

Our CSR-policy makes it possible to take responsibility and ensure the community we are all a part of.

Human and labor rights

Cibicom’s growth is based on a sustainable and responsible approach to our surroundings, and our employees are crucial for our success in this respect. Therefore, we focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees at the workplace.

Besides from living up to our 10 CSR-principles, we especially have a focus on ensuring a healthy and safe work environment through the correct certifications and standards, making sure our employees get their rest, free time and holidays, ensure living wages and privacy of life and opposing undignified treatment at the workplace. That is, of course, why we accept and su