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Broadcast & media

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Every single day, Cibicom makes sure that Danish households can watch TV and listen to the radio – around the clock.

We have established and now operate and monitor our own nationwide, land-based broadcast network which consists of a large number of strategically located transmitter masts. These are up to 300 metres in height, linked together by kilometre after kilometre of redundant fibre connections and radio links.

Cibicom is currently responsible for the transmission of all DR’s FM and DAB+ radio channels. On the TV side, we transmit all channels for DR and Boxer TV via the digital TV-network DTT to the whole country.

We offer specialist competence and professional advice in the field of high-quality broadcast solutions – all the way from project planning and installation, through 24/7/365 operation and monitoring, to ongoing, nationwide service and maintenance.
We can handle the entire process from A-Z, but we’re also happy to deliver partial solutions, regardless of size.

Buy and sell programme packages with flexible channel selection

At Cibicom, we currently distribute more than 400 TV channels directly to channel providers, aerial associations and housing associations.

We offer all channels from the biggest TV producers – flexibly, economically and reliably.

Cibicom’s Media Gateway gives you access to buy and sell TV content and to have it distributed securely and efficiently across platforms from producer to channel provider.

You choose for yourself which TV channels you want and in which format you want them delivered, e.g. IP, ASI or SDI.
All you have to take care of is arranging a valid agreement with the rights holders


Nationwide digital TV solutions with new possibilities.


Cibicom broadcasts radio to listeners across the country on FM and DAB+ every day. You too can have your very own radio channel.