Reliable communication can be a matter of life and death

Mission-critical communication

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In our modern society, safe and reliable communication is a necessity when critical situations have to be handled safely and effectively.

Whether it involves everyday events, such as road accidents, or the handling of major emergency response crises, such as natural disasters, toxic emissions and terrorist attacks, the ability for government agencies to communicate effectively and securely with each other is absolutely crucial in being able to perform their tasks. Ultimately, effective communication can mean the difference between life and death.

Especially in connection with major incidents, a combined communication infrastructure plays a significant role, guaranteeing that critical warnings and information can reach the whole population, both in cities and in outlying areas.

Secure national infrastructure

Through many years of planning and installing, operating and offering service to reliable, nationwide broadcast networks for radio and TV, it lies within Cibicom’s DNA to guarantee high levels of security and operational reliability in mission-critical networks.

Cibicom offers a nationwide infrastructure which also works in situations when e.g. commercial mobile networks are overloaded or closed down as a consequence of a suspected terrorist attack or the like.

Our infrastructure comprises a large number of mast towers up to 300 metres high and data centres distributed all over the country, radio links, a redundant, IP-based data communication network (WAN), service personnel all over the country and 24/7/365 monitoring of the whole infrastructure in Cibicom’s central Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Cibicom is a part of the critical infrastructure in Denmark
Cibicom’s nationwide radio/TV transmission network, emergency response infrastructure and costal communication system are part of the critical infrastructure in Denmark, in line with e.g. electricity supplies, mobile networks, etc.

We, therefore, also contribute actively to shaping the policy that will best protect the country against cyber threats.

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Emergency response

Emergency response

Cibicom delivers robust infrastructure and services to essential communication services.


Cibicom delivers services for the Danish Defence’s critical communication and carries out monitoring and operation of the maritime emergency service, the Coastal Radio.