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IoT connectivity

The internet of Things provides new opportunities to create value for companies, cities, and society.

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Digitization of companies and society

Be at the forefront and use IoT solutions in your business.

Today, we connect every conceivable device on the Internet. We measure, monitor and communicate with things, buildings or vehicles.

In the world of IoT, we can provide devices with intelligence and programme sensors to wirelessly transmit and retrieve data that, using customized analytics tools, translate into new operational and valuable knowledge.

In other words, we now have completely new opportunities to create an overview and manage and optimize processes that we can use to ensure better service and greater value for companies, customers and the citizens of our communities.

Nationwide IoT network

Cibicom’s national LoRaWAN IoT network and our Nordic IoT server are part of the same, reliable infrastructure we use when we transmit TV and radio to Danish housholds and operate the Coastal Radio and other emergency response communications.

Our robust infrastructure consists of 35 masts up to 300 metres high and data centres distributed all over the country, connected by thousands of kilometres of redundant fibre connections and radio links.