Smart City

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Get the digitalisation of your municipality well under way with IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) opens up totally new opportunities in municipalities and in public administration to optimise workflows and streamline a vast number of processes and to ensure better utilisation of buildings, resources and equipment – or simply to obtain better base data for decisions and an overview of day-to-day operations.

IoT also represents a good starting point for finding new ways to do things that can better support the modern climate agenda.

With Cibicom’s robust, nationwide LoRaWAN® IoT infrastructure as the backbone in your Smart City projects, it is easier than ever to collect data wirelessly from sensors, which with the aid of software tools can be translated into new, operational and valuable knowledge at a relatively low cost.

Many municipal authorities in Denmark have already chosen Cibicom as a business partner in their IoT and Smart City solutions. They have done so because we make it easy to get started and make it flexible to further develop solutions on Cibicom’s reliable national wireless LoRaWAN® platform.

Let’s arrange a meeting – we look forward to tell you a lot more about how we can help you too with IoT and Smart City.

24/7/365 monitoring

Cibicom’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed by highly qualified employees.
We can monitor your solution 24 hours a day, all year round.