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Broadcast TV

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Every single day, Cibicom makes sure that Danish households can watch TV – around the clock – making us the most experienced broadcasting operator in the field of TV transmission in Denmark.

TV signals are distributed all over the country via DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television). Cibicom has built and operates the Danish DTT network, which is one of the most extensive digital TV transmission networks in Europe.

The DTT network consists of a large number of strategically located TV towers, up to 300 metres high, and regional data centres, which communicate through miles and miles of redundant fibre connections and radio links.

Cibicom is ready for the opportunities of TV of the future

The digitalisation of the TV distribution has changed the media market. New programme formats are being developed all the time and new channels are being added. Viewers’ demands for high-quality image and sound, interactive opportunities and mobility are increasing constantly, and the unimaginable of today becomes the norm of tomorrow. Cibicom offers a unique distribution network with a vast range of opportunities that meet viewers’ demands for the TV platforms of the future. We use the Digital Video Broadcast standard DVB-T2 to broadcast digital TV in our nationwide DTT transmission network.

Operational reliability

Cibicom’s nationwide DTT network is monitored constantly in our Network Operations Centre (NOC), which is staffed around the clock so we can respond immediately if any faults occur.
Cibicom’s TV infrastructure is designed in such a way that large parts of the components in the transmission network are redundant. This means that TV viewers will only rarely experience a black screen as a result of technical faults.

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24/7/365 monitoring

Cibicom’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed by highly qualified employees.
We can monitor your solution 24 hours a day, all year round.