Colocation in Cibicom’s high towers

Lease colocation space for your antennas in Cibicom’s towers – a good, economical alternative to investing in your own facilities.

We have many customers who are currently placing their antannas in our up to 300 metres high radio/TV transmission towers, spread all over Denmark.

Some have equipment located in our towers so that they do not have to build their own facilities. Others do it because it is important for equipment to be located as high up as possible in order to achieve the desired coverage. Cibicom offers colocation in Denmark’s highest tower positions, and all corners of Denmark can be covered from our towers.

Colocating of your antennas in Cibicom’s towers reduces costs

At Cibicom you can lease colocation space in our tower masts, at heights of 30-300 metres, and achieve precisely the coverage and operational reliability you need.

Our towers and other facilities are located strategically all over Denmark in the ideal locations in terms of both topographical conditions and population density.

With many years’ experience of the installation and operation of nationwide transmission networks and digital communication infrastructure, Cibicom is now the leader in tower positions and hosting for a large number of communication purposes.

Our systems meet strict demands for both buildings and installations, and we are happy to review your specific needs in the area of, for example, disaster backup in the event of a major power cut, around-the-clock monitoring and fault resolution in connection with outages – all to guarantee you the best conceivable operating conditions.

Feel free to contact us on +45 70 11 80 11 or send us an email at to learn more about our antenna hosting and colocation offerings, that matches your requirements for coverage and operation the best way.