LoRaWAN - the Open, Global IoT Standard

At Cibicom, you have access to our complete, nationwide IoT infrastructure based on the open, global LoRaWAN standard

Our LoRaWAN™ based IoT network collects data wirelessly from sensors all over Denmark and transmits it to your IT analysis systems via Cibicom's Nordic LoRaWAN IoT server.

What is LoRaWAN?
LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is an open, non-proprietary and operator independent IoT network standard.
The standard is defined by the LoRa Alliance, an association with over 500 members, who collaborate and share experiences of the standard.

Fastest-growing global IoT standard
The LoRaWAN standard is, today, the fastest growing IoT network standard, globally.
The standard is based on hardware from electronics manufacturer Semtech and others that produce LoRa chips. It has evolved into a large ecosystem of manufacturers of both gaweways and sensors.

Long range and battery life
The LoRa® network protocol uses a method to change or modulate a radio wave to transmit and receive information between sensors and gateways. The protocol provides great reach and, at the same time, requires very little energy. This is especially important to the increasing number of sensors that are fed by batteries.

Roaming provides flexibility
The LoRaWAN architecture is designed in a way that makes it is easy to increase the wireless coverage in specific areas by supplementing with several gateways, which are then included in the entire LoRaWAN network.

Suitable for Smart City and Industry 4.0
The network can be used for measuring e.g. indoor climate, waste, water levels, tracking of equipment and vehicles and much more. And because of LoRaWAN's widespread distribution and global ecosystem, there is today a large selection of IoT sensors on the market.


We already have the IoT highway ready
Cibicom's LoRaWAN based IoT network collects data wirelessly from sensors all over Denmark and forwards it to your analysis systems via Cibicom's Nordic LoRaWAN IoT server.


The LoRa® and LoRaWAN™ names and associated logos are trademarks of Semtech Corporation.

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