IoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides new opportunities to create value for companies, cities and society

Today, we connect every conceivable device on the Internet. We measure, monitor and communicate with things, buildings or vehicles.

In the world of IoT, we can provide devices with intelligence and programme sensors to wirelessly transmit and retrieve data that, using customized analytics tools, translate into new operational and valuable knowledge.

In other words, we now have completely new opportunities to create an overview and manage and optimize processes that we can use to ensure better service and greater value for companies, customers and the citizens of our communities.

Learn more about how you can also use Cibicom's LoRaWAN IoT infrastructure to wirelessly collect data from your sensors and deliver them directly into your analytics system.

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Smart City

Get off to a great start with Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) in cooperation with Cibicom.

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Industry 4.0

Cibicom’s open, nationwide LoRaWAN IoT infrastructure is a solid backbone for your Industry 4.0 solution.

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IoT opens up new opportunities for the utilities sector to simplify manual workflows and to get better control and overview of customers’ consumption and the supply network.

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Facility Management

Get off to a great start with Facility Management and IoT in cooperation with Cibicom.

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Asset Management

Easy tracking of your vehicles, containers, material and other valuables with IoT.

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IoT – Managed Services

You can choose to manage your IoT solution yourself, or you can outsource operation and service to Cibicom - or choose a level somewhere in between.

24/7/365 monitoring

Cibicom’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) is staffed by highly qualified employees.
We can monitor your solution 24 hours a day, all year round.

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An experienced service partner

Cibicom offers flexible service agreements from 24/7/365 operation and monitoring to preventive service and fault resolution all over Denmark – all year round.
Get a customised end-to-end service solution.

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