Secure Frameworks for your Business-critical Systems

A secure, economical co-location solution with robustness at all levels

Every day, Cibicom delivers TV and radio to Danes through our network of tower masts, data centres and kilometres of redundant fibre connections all over the country.
Our customers currently include both public organisations and private businesses, and we offer co-location all over the country.

Choose an experienced hosting partner
Now, you can also place your servers and IT systems in one of Cibicom's data centres. With Cibicom, you get a partner who is used to extremely high requirements for both access and reliability. At the same time, you get flexible connectivity through Cibicom's redundant fibre network. Cibicom's data centres are built according to Tier 3 regulations and access to and operation of the centres are monitored 24/7/365 in Cibicom's central Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Saves operating costs
Compared to establishing and running your own data centre and server facilities, a data centre co-location solution from Cibicom reduces your operating costs, while at the same time improving stability.
You get redundancy with geographical separation and high security storage of your equipment.

Influence the location of new data centres
At Cibicom, we listen to you, so that you get the optimum location for your IT equipment.
With a data centre co-location agreement with Cibicom, you have the opportunity to directly influence where in Denmark we will build the next data centre.

Hosting in climate-friendly data centres
And of course we build our data centres so that the climate footprint is as small as possible. Where possible, we utilize the surplus heat locally and use green electricity.

Combine with a Cloud solution
If you want a combination of cloud solution and your own equipment, Cibicom can provide access to AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle or IBM (among others).

Cibicom is neutral in relation to the choice of network providers. We work together with most providers in Denmark in order to guarantee you a seamless delivery via your preferred provider.

Therefore, we can offer the best possible framework for your business-critical systems.

Contact us on +45 70 11 80 11 or send us an e-mail at to find out more about the possibilities of locating your business-critical systems in Cibicom’s reliable data centre


Cibicom is a member of:

Secure connections all over Denmark

Cibicom offers flexible and economical data connections – also if you have very special requirements for data security and operational reliability.

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Purchase via the SKI procurement agreement

Cibicom is a supplier of SKI’s framework agreement, a Danish government procurement agreement, in the field of Data Centre Co-location (02.22 – part 2).
We deliver reliable data centre solutions all over Denmark on competitive terms.


Cibicom has several certifications including the ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 27001, which guarantees high-quality delivery and full control and management of security processes, etc.

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Data Centre Colocation

Download product sheet about Co-location in Cibicom's data centres.