Operation and monitoring

Cost-effective high-end monitoring - 24/7, year-round

Cibicom's Network Operations Center (NOC) is the heart of the operational operation of our customers and our own networks. For more than 30 years, we have lived up to the extremely high requirements for operational security and reliability, which is required, for example, for the national TV and radio broadcasting and mission critical communication services.
Preventive troubleshooting and maintenance, event logging and analysis, remote debugging, reporting of specific errors and statistics to our customers are also part of the daily routines of Cibicom's monitoring center.

Highly qualified staffing 24/7 - all year round
The 24-hour staffing at Cibicom's NOC has a unique experience and competence, and you as a customer have access to years of experience in analyzing everything from simple alarms to comprehensive fault images in very complex infrastructures.
And of course, all our processes and routines are developed in full compliance with standards such as ITIL.

Maximum reliability
We monitor everything from the individual components to the entire communication networks, no matter where in Denmark they are and whether it is new or old infrastructure. And whether the data communication is through copper or fiber, or goes through the air with radio and TV transmitters, IoT gateways, radio links or Wi-Fi is also secondary.
Of course, all the vital functions of our NOC are doubled, and in some cases even tripled, to ensure our customers the best possible outcome.

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Network monitoring

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