About Cibicom

Cibicom A/S offers design, installation, operation and service of solutions for business-critical communication and public service broadcasting

Cibicom A/S is an independent network operator and Internet Service Provider (ISP).
We own and run the nationwide network of up to 300 metres high radio and tv broadcast towers, which are used for purposes such as the distribution of TV (DTT) and radio (AM/FM/DAB+), IoT infrastructure and emergency response communication in Denmark.

We have built up a national, redundant and fibre-based IP backbone and access network (3.500 km) that connects our data centres, nodes and other network operators. Cibicom delivers solutions and services to essential communications and services to the Coastal Radio, the Danish Defence and infrastructure to telecoms operators.

Service and monitoring of nationwide solutions
Cibicom offers network monitoring and field service all over the country based on Cibicom’s own nationwide service organisation and the Network Operations Centre (NOC), which is staffed around the clock.

Specialist competence
Cibicom’s engineers, system specialists and technicians have built up a wealth of specialist knowledge and solid experience from design, project planning and installation for the operation and service of reliable IP, IoT and broadcast infrastructures for the transmission of TV, radio, data and solutions for critical communication. We, therefore, also offer professional, high-level counseling from design and concept development, through coverage calculations and rollout plans, to mission-critical operation, service, installation and drone inspection.

Cibicom can assume responsibility from installation to operation and service
Depending on your current solution, we offer a wide range of transmission connections, from fibre to radio links. We have our own nationwide service organisation and we monitor all installations in our Network Operation Centre (NOC), which is staffed around the clock, giving us the opportunity to assume full responsibility from installation to operation and maintenance.

Since November 2018, Cibicom has been owned by the European equity fund Agilitas Private Equity LLP.

Cibicom changed its name from Teracom in January 2019.
The name, Cibicom, is a contraction of “Critical Infrastructure for Broadcasting, IoT and Communication”.

Cibicom has subsequently enhanced its competence in the service and installation of masts and mobile networks through the acquisition of Swedish Relacom’s Danish activities in 2019 (now Cibicom Services A/S) and the acquisition of Norwegian ICE Group's Danish activities in ICE Danmark ApS (now Cibicom Mobility ApS) in 2020.
Both companies are now 100%-owned subsidiaries of Cibicom A/S.


Cibicom is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry:


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