IoT Coverage

Search for an address, city, or designate the location on the map
where you want indicative* information on the current coverage of Cibicom's open LoRaWAN IoT network.


Coverage is relevant for IoT solutions that use IoT sensors located outdoors.

This could be tracking of vehicles, containers or water levels, or monitoring outdoor lighting control.


Coverage is relevant when using IoT sensors that are freely located in buildings.

These can be solutions for monitoring and controlling indoor climate and building automation or managing industrial processes.

Deep Indoor

Coverage is relevant when using sensors located deep inside buildings, basements or wells.

This can e.g be monitoring and managing alarms in sewers, rat traps or remote reading of consumption meters.

Get an accurate coverage rating

Cibicom uses the open, global IoT standard LoRaWAN, originally designed to make it simple and economical to supplement coverage in local areas or inside buildings where there is insufficient coverage.

If you would like an accurate assessment of IoT coverage in specific areas, fill out and send the form and we will contact you as soon as possible


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*Indicative coverage assessment

The coverage data used is based on advanced simulation data 1 meter above ground level combined with concrete measurements at many locations in Denmark.
The coverage assessments shown are therefore only indicative and may differ from the actual local coverage. The real level of coverage of the wireless IoT network can be influenced by a number of local conditions such as buildings, forests, etc. just as the quality and location of the IoT sensors you want to use can have an impact on coverage at a given location.