Flexible service offerings

Let Cibicom's service experience benefit you

The need for solutions for service and operation of communication networks and equipment depends entirely on your specific requirements and needs.

But whether you are a media house, a mobile operator, an emergency services provider or a private or public company we offer you tailor-made end-to-end service solutions that cover all the way from 24/7 operation and error correction monitoring throughout Denmark - all year round.

We are an experienced service partner
For more than 30 years, we have operated and serviced our own complex and nationwide infrastructure around the clock, including business critical services such as the Danish radio and television broadcasting network and mission critical services.

That is why we at Cibicom have a very special and extensive experience in monitoring complex communication networks and rectifying errors wherever they occur in the network.

Everything is effectively coordinated in Cibicom's central 24-hour Network Operations Center (NOC), which, in close collaboration with our nationwide service team, ensures bug fixing within a few hours, no matter where in the country the problem occurs.

Service of business critical solutions
Our customers know that our competences are very unique when it comes to keeping business-critical solutions for broadcast, national IoT infrastructures, emergency communications or radio links, broadband and WiFi solutions running. And our service offerings always matches the expectations.

Cibicom is a safe and preferred choice as a service partner. And whether you need a service within a single area or want to outsource all your network operations and services to us, you can be sure of getting a reliable deal that holds what it promises.

Call us on +45 70 11 80 11 or send an email to sales@cibicom.dk to learn more.