2. April 2020

Radio LOUD is on the air on Cibicom's DAB+ network


Denmark's new radio channel LOUD, which will be a new hub for young people, went live on April 1, 2020. A distribution agreement with Cibicom ensures that the channel can be received digitally on DAB+

Cibicom A/S has established and operates the Danish DAB broadcast network and is experiencing increasing interest in securing a nationwide channel on the digital radio network.

“We welcome Radio LOUD as a new channel on the DAB network.
It's great to see that, despite challenges with the corona crisis, the team behind LOUD has managed to launch the channel on time. From our side we of course ensured that the technology was in place for the launch, so that LOUD could safely go on the air and from day one, reach the majority of Danish listeners via the DAB platform,” says Martin Løbel, CEO of Cibicom A/S and continues, “DAB is the radio platform of the future in Denmark and the replacement for FM in the slightly longer term. We can see that the platform is getting stronger and stronger every day. Listener figures indicate that listeners have embraced DAB. And with new and exciting content providers like radio LOUD, we expect this trend to intensify. And it also helps that all new cars, from the end of 2020, will have a built-in DAB radio.”

LOUD is Denmark's culture and talk radio. A number of radio stations, prominent cultural and educational institutions and youth organizations have come together to create a nationwide medium and a DAB radio channel.
LOUD can be heard on DAB+ and on radioloud.dk.