31. January 2019

Teracom acquires Relacom's Danish business

Teracom Denmark strengthens its position in mission-critical communication networks and IoT through the acquisition of Relacom's Danish subsidiary

With the acquisition of Relacom in Denmark, Teracom will gain additional competence and resources in the design, installation and service of socially critical networks and IoT technology
Relacom has many years of experience in the construction and installation of, inter alia, mobile and emergency preparedness networks, radio links and fiber networks, among other things, and will also contribute to the establishment of the upcoming 5G mobile network in Denmark.

“For Teracom, the acquisition of Relacom means that we gain additional resources and knowledge to support Teracom's growth ambitions in the coming years. Relacom's competencies fit very well with Teracom's current infrastructure of high masts and fiber networks, and will help realize the many new activities we are engaged in,” 
says Martin Løbel, CEO of Teracom Denmark and continues 
“For example, we are currently well underway rolling out our LoRaWAN IoT network throughout Denmark, and expect this to happen even faster now. We currently operate both the Coastal Radio and Falck's communications network, both of which are nationwide networks, and the acquisition of Relacom strengthens our opportunities to take on more tasks with the establishment and operation of emergency preparedness networks in Denmark”. In conclusion, Martin Løbel says, “Relacom's many years of experience working for the Danish mobile companies also fits well into technological developments where mission critial networks and mobile networks are to some extent merging, which we will probably see when 5G becomes a reality”.