16. October 2019

New partnership paves the way for smarter urban spaces


Intelligent street lighting management, waste management and meter reading make cities and communities more sustainable when the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is further unleashed.
Strategic cooperation between Cibicom and SEAS-NVE is accelerating this development.

The backbone of the smart urban space is the network that provides all wireless communication, and the country's leading IoT infrastructure enterprise Cibicom and the co-owned energy and fiber network group SEAS-NVE have entered into a partnership that ensures an even better infrastructure.

The partnership means that SEAS-NVE will gain access to Cibicom's nationwide IoT network while SEAS-NVE's current IoT network is integrated into Cibicom's IoT infrastructure, and Cibicom will operate and expand the overall network solution.

The smart urban space of the future

SEAS-NVE sees great potential in the partnership. Contract Manager of SEAS-NVE, Henrik Wej Petersen, explains:

  • “We already provide a number of intelligent lighting management solutions, but now we can deliver them better and faster just as we are better able to develop new solutions when we have the infrastructure in place,” he says, adding:

  • “By combining our expertise in product development solutions and Cibicom's long experience in operating and optimizing a network, together we have created an excellent foundation for solutions that benefit both the individual consumer and society at large.

Green transition

The partnership is the first of its kind in Denmark, but at Cibicom, CEO Martin Løbel expects more of this in the future:

  • “The partnership with SEAS-NVE means that we can now jointly accelerate the rollout of IoT networks and Smart City solutions. The agreement is thus also an important element in the efforts to support today's climate agenda and the digitalization of society.
    We are seeing great interest from public and private organizations that want to use Cibicom's open, nationwide LoRaWAN-based IoT infrastructure to create better and smarter solutions.”

Martin Løbel continues:

  • “We believe that these types of strategic partnerships and alliances are needed to accelerate the use of IoT technology in general. We bring our experience of IoT networks and practical implementation, while our partners bring domain knowledge within specific solutions for, for example, the smart urban space. There are many new options in this symbiosis that allow faster roll-out and ultimately benefit us all.

LoRaWAN - the open IoT network

When street lights, garbage cans and small sensors need to collect data for intelligent solutions, data must be sent over long distances. IoT networks using LoRaWAN technology work by sending tiny data packets via radio signals. Unlike other IoT standards, the LoRaWAN standard is an open, fully encrypted and global standard that provides long sensor battery life and can communicate in both directions.


Press contacts

Rasmus Carlsen
Communications consultant at SEAS-NVE
Email: rac@seas-nve.dk
Mobile: 3028 6720

Cibicom A/S:
Ken Sloth Rasmussen
Marketing Manager
Email: ken.rasmussen@cibicom.dk
Mobile: 4034 9005


About Cibicom

Cibicom A/S is an independent network operator and Internet Service Provider (ISP). We own and operate the nationwide network of transmission masts which are up to 300 meters high, and used for television distribution (DTT), radio (AM/FM/DAB+), IoT infrastructure and emergency preparedness communication in Denmark, among other purposes. We have built a national, redundant and fiber-based IP backbone and access network (3,500 km) connecting our data centers, nodes and other network operators. Cibicom provides solutions and services for socially important communications and services to the Coastal Radio service, the Danish armed forces and infrastructure for telecoms operators.


At SEAS-NVE, we create energy to live life. We want to turn energy into more than just supply - to be your best connection when it comes to the green transition and digitalization. It is you we are working for when we offer lightning fast internet and ensure that there is always power in the socket and lights on the street. And it is to create value for you that we store energy from wind turbines for the future and create energy-efficient solutions in everyday life. We have some 1,000 employees and had a turnover of DKK 7.3 billion in 2018.


Press photos:


Strategisk IoT partnerskab mellem Cibicom og SEAS-NVE

Tv: Martin Løbel, CEO, Cibicom A/S

Th: Henrik Wej Petersen, Direktør, SEAS-NVE

Foto: Cibicom A/S

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Strategisk IoT partnerskab mellem Cibicom og SEAS-NVE

Tv: Henrik Wej Petersen, direktør, SEAS-NVE

Th: Martin Løbel, CEO, Cibicom A/S

Foto: Cibiom A/S

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IoT styret vejbelysning

LoRaWAN IoT sensor til intelligent styring af vejbelysning.

Foto: Cibicom A/S

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